Our Mission is to promote unique and extra ordinary cultural work such as books, art work and any other cultural art. We partnership with our clients to help them outreach markets that are fit to gain value to their work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an ideal and global organization that will promote and manage outstanding cultural innovations. We strongly believe that knowledge and artwork are both the leading aspects of the past and future civilizations and with the digital transformation era, such job will become more challenging.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of extra ordinary people with vision. We started the whole idea with a strong well to share unique knowledge and art work with the whole world. With simplicity, dedication and humble and hard work, we united to enjoy our contribution to share marvels of lights with all that we could reach.

Nasser Abuhaimed

President & CEO

A multi-talented artist , novel writer and innovator, that is dedicated to promote and share cultural innovative content. He believes sharing cultural values is the simplest, yet the most effective bridge among nations.

Fatima Nasser

Relationship Manager

An experienced and devoted knowledge and artwork manager with a professional & humble character. She enjoys necessary skills to properly value quality work.