Knowledge & Art Promotion

Once we receive your book or artwork, we will work together with our associates and partners to develop the best promotional plan and execute it in your behalf to create the highest earning mechanism for the work.

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This service is tailored to share your work with other cultures. Our professional translators whom we will allocate based on the work language will mirror your knowledge piece into other languages which will maximize its visibility.

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Digital Transform

As we are diving more into the digital era, it is our responsibility to avail previously printed knowledge into the digital world. Using our latest scanning and optical character recognition technologies, we will transform your work into digital form in whatever language.

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Our Business

AJRASS CULTURAL SERVICES will provide clients with the right bundle of services that will address their needs. ACS will evaluate the cultural opportunity, then develop the right plan to position it in the right place and time to create the maximum return. This is also extended to the management and accountability on behalf of the client. Having a management team that is experienced in both multi-culture and business will ensure that all of our clients objectives are attained.

Unlike other promoters, our model is extended vertically, meaning we will focus in one project at time. This will enable us to reach our objectives smoothly and with focus. However, we are dynamic enough to adjust our plan needed.

To sum up, we surely have passion towards all of our projects as we receive them with care and make sure if they are unique and innovative that will create a successful story.

Next Steps…

To receive our initial assessment of your work, it is only one step away. Just contact us to start a journey of infinite possibility.